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Weight Loss & Management

For many today, this is the starting point for fitness. If this is where you are, congratulations, it is the point where you enter the ‘Fitness Continuum’. The ‘Fitness Continuum’ is just that, it continues forever. It’s not about reaching a

Training for Fitness

I’m a Triathlete! I stayed extremely fit all my life (well, nearly) with Triathlons. I’m biased in favor of this Sport, but many other Sports like CrossFit or Skiing will get you, and keep you incredibly fit. However, if you’re a seasoned Triathlete, or

Longevity & Quality of Life

At 63 years of age, summer 2016, I became the oldest cadet to ever complete the demanding and quite rigorous ‘Los Angeles Lake Lifeguard Academy’. Competing alongside the 18 and 20 year olds in my class was both humbling and an unqualified