There’s a reason why most of my posts are 500-750 words. I assume that people who will be interested in reading my blog will be those who want to know the hows and the why fors of my personal Journey and how some snippets might apply to them. They’re designed this way to foster some critical thinking about how my reasoning and progress can fit their particular condition and lifestyle. In other words, how might this fit in the scheme of your Journey?

I know attention spans are narrow these days; but my goal is to impart to the reader tools and thought processes that will allow you to take charge of your situation and formulate a plan to reach your goals. In other words, I hope you might become  ‘the best trainer you never had’.

Over time and 1000s of clients, I’ve found that the most successful ones are those that empower themselves to take responsibility and blaze their own trail. In other words, those that don’t solely rely on the professionals to fix them but proactively assist by helping themselves as well, are the ones who see the most success.

I continually find on the internet stories of young and old, women and men, who have been afflicted for years with health conditions that baffle the professionals. The most prominent of these of course, are all the conditions related to excessive weight and obesity. They’ve gone from dieticians to doctors, physical therapists to chiropractors, and naturally, private trainers!

It’s just not possible for me to tell you, show you, and explain why I did this as opposed to that, in a 100 word post. I have an ultimate goal, but the process and the Journey to get there are full of detours, compromises, new directions, and just plain old hunches! Nothing is written in stone, and so essentially I’m making up this road with each new step.

Somewhere down the road (maybe in 2-3 years as I toe the starting line of the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii again), I’ll reflect on how far I’ve come and say- Yes, this is the way to get here. But right now, today, I have no clue on exactly how to do it, the Journey only reveals itself as I deal with situations over time and specific issues.

An awesome analogy is the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy had the yellow brick road to follow at which other end resided the Wizard, that was her goal. She had no idea of the perils along the way, nor that she would meet the Tin Man, the cowardly Lion, or the Scarecrow. She also had no idea how long it would take, but with every step, she and her companions were obligatorily getting closer to the goal. If the Wizard of Oz isn’t your speed, just substitute Lord of the Rings (another of my favorites).

So there you have it, I have a goal, I have a general plan, my direction is forward; but essentially I am blind. I only have 20/20 when I look back and say with certainty this was the way to get to where I am now.

I do have lots of tools in my toolbox, and am well versed in how to use them. Some I’ve used just for myself, others I’ve used with clients as well. On this site, you will find them available if you think they might help you. I hope to tell you how I’ve used them and the results they gave my clients and I, maybe they can help you along your Yellow Brick Road or your travels to Mordor.

I hope I can help you find your Journey.  Thanks for reading, Claude 😎 .



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