I’m a Triathlete! I stayed extremely fit all my life (well, nearly) with Triathlons. I’m biased in favor of this Sport, but many other Sports like CrossFit or Skiing will get you, and keep you incredibly fit.

However, if you’re a seasoned Triathlete, or a Newbie looking to enter the ‘Fitness continuum’ here, you’re in the right place. The 3 sports of Swimming, Biking, and Running will add depth of physiologic adaptation and dynamic versatility that will translate to Longevity and quality of life in your later years, this of course beyond the immediate benefits you will reap in your daily life.

For the Newbie that is considering racing Triathlons, GoingOn30 will have a wealth of information on how to get into the sport with the least time wasted in search of the question ‘Where do I start?’

For all Triathletes, there will be tips and tricks, lessons learned through the school of hard knocks, and an abundance of training and racing strategies to attain your goals.

In Triathlons, unlike other dedicated sports, there are many areas of strength and weakness. Regardless of your strongest event, the final outcome is a product of all 3 disciplines coming together on race day.

There actually is an unsung 4th event in a Triathlon, which is transitions, a subject I will treat in detail. This is where the simplest tips and tricks will make or break your race.


Fortunately, I’ve been a swim coach at the High School level and this is my primary strength, as well as my favorite event. Of the 3 sports, I’m most comfortable in the water. In fact, I’m so comfortable that I have to remind myself I’m racing and I need to bring my focus back to the task at hand. I  want that level of comfort for you too.

Being that swimming is so subject to the laws of physics, I spend a lot of time on the mechanical aspect of a refined stroke. To go faster in swimming, the object is not merely to increase power output to the water, but to reduce drag and present less resistance to the water. In other words, slip through the water, don’t barge through it!

Of the 3 sports, swimming is closest to an art form. How to refine your swimming is what you can expect to find at GoingOn30.Rocks.


I have always performed my own maintenance on my bikes over the years. It has saved me time, money, and frustration; not to mention bikes that were not ready when promised (this is a real bummer the day b4 a race and is guaranteed to spike your stress factor). It has taught me how to fix any problem, anytime, anywhere. GoingOn30 will have lots of those little tips, tricks, and tweaks that will make the difference between breezing through a broken chain on the road, or ruin your entire day!

My aim is to make you comfortable and familiar with the most mechanically complex piece of equipment in your Triathlon arsenal. Being somewhat of a physics and mechanics nurd, you can expect to understand your gears, how they work, why you have them, when to use which, and how they relate to cadence.


I’ve run all my life ever since I had legs, really! In 1960s France, where Cycling is king as in ‘Le Tour de France’, and when the other kids were playing ‘cops and robbers’ like any sane 8 year old would, I was running around a dirty cement quad endlessly. They said I was crazy and pointed the finger!

I was on the track team at Hollywood High School, and much later in the 1980s, trained with the ‘BasinBlues’. The BasinBlues resulted in a PR of 17:12 for 5K. While for Triathlons, we train for distance primarily, basic speed is a good thing to have. My aim is to show you how to develop both at the same time through the methods I’ve been exposed to over the past few decades.

Not as clear cut and obvious as training methodology, is the distinction that running is NOT fast walking. Unlike walking when a foot is always in contact with the ground, somewhere along the running stride, the body will be airborne with both feet off the ground. GoingOn30 treats these mechanical distinctions in hopes of helping you reach your running goals.


In keeping with my philosophy of minimalism, I show you precisely how to isolate the ‘Wheat from the chaff’ in order to maximize your returns for the least amount of effort. My aim is to make you ‘The best Trainer you never had’. Apply a few concepts with consistency and the results will be there for you, it’s undeniable!

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