In 1984, I remember driving on Pacific Coast Highway past Pepperdine University on a bright and cloudless morning, with the smell of sea air and ocean life all around me.
I was on my way to train a client of mine in Malibu and I especially loved driving there because the multicolored Olympic flags were flying proudly on the front lawn of the University, high and tall in the stiff offshore breeze. The Olympics had come to Los Angeles, and Pepperdine was a training venue for the Athletes.
I had the top down, the sun was bright and already hot even at this time of the morning, and the music was blaring; it might very well have been ‘The Cure’ or ‘A flock of Seagulls’.
It was a totally 80s morning, and I just couldn’t get enough of it.
I was 31, in Ironman Triathlon shape, a private trainer (to some of the Stars), and just loving life to the fullest! I loved that time of my life, not just because I was in shape; but because I felt the daily excitement of being alive in that moment. I wanted to put this message in a bottle (Sting), and open the cork every now and then and enjoy it for the rest of my life!
I the next 25 years, I worked with 1000s of clients from all walks of life. In my own private business or in clubs, I worked with the young and old, men and women, athletes and the challenged.
In 2009, I decided to take my business the the internet. I had been eying this avenue for many years, and the advent of the blogging platform around 2006, along with WordPress convinced me this was the direction of the future.
Fast forward to January 2015, and I’m ready to go back to the future. The 80s was a magical time for me, and I want it back.
I’m sure there is a magical time like that in everyone’ life they would like to reclaim.
That’s what this Blog is all about: My personal journey back to that time I drove along PCH and Pepperdine. The tens of 1000s of miles I trained along that stretch of highway, the 100s of hours I swam in the Pacific Ocean then chilled on the beach with sand in my toes.
My goals are lofty, the road will be full of obstacles, pit falls, dead ends, disappointments. Ultimately however, success, gratification, and bliss will prevail and I’ll wonder why I waited so long? So will it be with your Journey, ‘if you’re strong enough’! (Men in Black).
Along the way, I want to chronicle my progress to show everyone they can do the same regardless of what age they may be. I want to lead by example, not by merely saying so and screaming in your face like Tony Little or The Biggest Loser!


I won’t be asking you to do an Ironman Triathlon, or even run a Marathon or 10K; I’m merely suggesting that if you go in the direction you experienced decades ago when you were hopefully more satisfied with yourself, you will be healthier and happier than you are now. You might even surprise yourself!
You can aim to do what I’m doing in triathlons if you enjoy it, you can aim to do it with your sport of choice, or you can just aim for a fraction of my success if it’s only to lose all that extra weight that crept up in the last decade or two!
This is the main reason I contemplated going to the internet in the 1st place, it’s not possible to reach potentially thousands or millions of people with this message just working 1on1 privately.
In my posts, I write about the specific training I do; but just as important are the questions, reasoning, and conclusions I come to in order to progress to the next stage. These principles you can apply in your quest as well. This is the why, when, and how of my journey. When you read this blog, be sure to absorb it and read between the lines to apply the same progression and conclusions in your situation.

Have a happy and successful Journey,

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