In a nutshell, GoingOn30ROCKS’ message is to reclaim your health first, and your zest for life second. This means waking up in the morning with no aches and pains, bounding out of bed excited to start your day like a little kid about to open presents on Christmas morning. This can happen to you regardless of your age with just a bit of effort and thinking outside the box. Beyond the two priorities above, the World is your Oyster and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Without a doubt, the most important parameter of health and fitness you can benefit from is weight loss and weight management, so that’s the 1st place to start. That’s the most significant single factor that will dictate the quality of your everyday life going forward.

I propose you can get your weight under control in 2015 with just a few tweaks, it’s really simple! Simple does not imply easy, it just means it’s not complicated. Figuring out how to land on the moon is complicated, landing on your feet is easy, just jump!

To prove all this to you, I’ve embarked on a Journey. It is no less than to regain the limitless fitness and unbridled exuberance for life I had 30 years ago. On this blog, you will read my posts about how I’m getting there. Perhaps this will inspire you to adapt my methods to your circumstances.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to accomplish goals. My way is not the only way; but you can’t argue with my results as time goes on. I have certain habits, tricks, and programs I follow in order to progress along my Journey.

The methods I use are listed in the menu. I’m a firm believer in endorsing only the methods and products I personally use in my Journey and have used in my career with my clients. What I endorse is what I use. As time goes on and requirements change, I’ll be introducing more strategies to solve problems for clients and myself.

Whether starting with weight loss and moving into the next logical sequence of exercise and training; you will be well on your way to a new you. If you are able to do it all at once as I am, or over a longer time period, know that as our Journeys become a lifestyle, we are winning 😀 .

Because I’m so enamored with Food and rich Cuisine from many countries, GoingOn30s first and foremost mission to ‘Burn the Fat’ is dear to my heart. I’ve coached many clients to lose 100s of pounds. Those that did this changed their lives forever. I’d like to do that for the whole country!
Having gotten Fat just like anyone else, I had to develop a way to manage this condition without eating like a rabbit (a preposterous proposition for someone such as I) during my sedentary decade. On this blog, you’ll read about all my strategies, how I employ them, and what the results are as I apply them in my Journey.

So if you’re a Baby Boomer like me born in the 50’s, or from the 90’s, the journey is all about taking that first step. This is within anyone’s grasp.
It’s my sincere hope that as you have patiently read my journey so far, and perhaps my journey to come, it will help and inspire you to take action, even if it is in a small way.
That’s important to me, and I couldn’t ask for more!

Happy Journey in 2015, Claude

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