For many today, this is the starting point for fitness. If this is where you are, congratulations, it is the point where you enter the ‘Fitness Continuum’. The ‘Fitness Continuum’ is just that, it continues forever. It’s not about reaching a fat loss goal of so many pounds and then being static, it’s about reaching that goal as a stepping stone and being dynamic to reach the next level. Regardless, lets be clear that weight loss IS a step to increased fitness. Weight loss and fitness are synonymous. Just by virtue of allowing your body to move less weight and thereby have more energy, the journey to fitness has started for you.

Whether it is to look better, mitigate the chances of degenerative diseases, or move more freely in a world designed for smaller bodies, or just have more self-confidence, the reasons for losing weight are endless. The process is quite simple and universal at its most basic application.

While this process is simple, it does not necessarily mean it is easy. But you can take steps to make it easier on yourself, even making it enjoyable simply by deconstructing the weight loss equation. It has three parts:

  • The Mechanical
  • The Attitude
  • The Plan


The mechanical aspect and first part of the equation is simple: Calories in versus Calories out. This is simple and elemental; if Calories in is greater than Calories out, you will gain fat over time. This is established and cannot be refuted!

While recent studies have called into question the validity that 3500 calories equal precisely 1 pound of fat, so has the relationship between fat, protein, and carbohydrates been questioned. Does 1 gram of fat equal precisely 9 calories? Maybe, maybe not! Who cares and what does it really matter? What really matters are real world results, GoingOn30 will make sense of all this confusion and help you interpret what makes your body tick!

Going back to the idea that everyone is an individual, success depends on how each individual perceives the process. As we know, perception is reality, especially in this realm. The mechanics of losing weight described above are applicable to all individuals; therefore the mechanical aspect of weight loss is the same for everyone. If this mechanical aspect were the only part to solve, no one would ever be overweight because it is nothing more than a simple math problem. However, there is:

THE ATTITUDE            

We are all individuals with differing approaches to solving this dilemma. Attitude is the second part of the equation. The person that embraces the challenge with the certainty that success is inevitable and that with perseverance all obstacles will wither away, that person will succeed 100% of the time.

I always recall the quote I read many years ago: ‘The Body can’t go where the Mind hasn’t been’. I believe it was from a bodybuilding magazine, but regardless, it is the first mantra I acquaint all my clients with and that I have used in my training the past few decades. Regardless of whether you apply this mantra to fat loss, training, quality of life, or all the above; the endgame is undeniable success.

GoingOn30 proposes an attitude adjust that is grounded in real world results. While the scientists and self-proclaimed gurus debate the minutae endlessly, we need  real-time strategies in order to travel smartly upon our Journeys and succeed. This inevitably brings us to:


The third, and last, part of the equation that lends itself to greater manipulation is the plan with which your weight loss journey is tackled.  Someone who has a clear vision of the grand goal they want to accomplish, has established timely mini goals to be reached along the journey for validation and motivation, and has a plan of daily action backed by creating new habits, will have a much easier and likely successful outcome than someone who has no established plan.

GoingOn30’s philosophy is that of simplicity. The 2 initial parts of the equation need to be as simple as possible in order to have the greatest chance of adherence, but the plan is especially so. Your plan needs to be reduced to the lowest common denominator. In other words, your plan needs to have the least moving parts, that is, it needs just a few elements that are not overwhelming and confusing, but rather that will encourage consistency because it’s just plainly a no-brainer!



That’s all there is to it, really elemental with clarity and without confusion. Your specific plan might differ in application because of your particular circumstances, but the basic premise of the process of losing that part of you you don’t like is straightforward.

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